Gaurang Shah about Automation Speedup Your Selenium Test with PhantomJS

Speedup Your Selenium Test with PhantomJS

I was searching some way to speedup my WebDriver tests and this is what I came across, PhantomJS. It took awhile to understand how it works but it’s worth spending time as I can say it’s more than 50 faster when your run your test with PhantomJS .

PhantomJS is a headless WebKit scriptable with a JavaScript API. It’s okay if you didn’t understand it by this single line. Webkit is a browser engine which allows web browser to render pages, and it is used by many streamline browser guess Firefox and Google chrome both uses this Headless mean you won’t be able to see any GUI component of the browser. That if it is the same engine that many browser uses then how my test cases will execute faster if I will run them on PhantomJS. The reason is, it just process data and response it doesn’t draw canvas. We have had enough talk, now let’s compare the result. TestPhantoJS Gaurang_Shah Following test will search the keyword on google and will print all websites on first page.

On my machine when I am running above test with PhantomJSdriver and FirefoxDriver following is the result. FirefoxDriver – seconds PhantomJSDriver – seconds Pretty Fast.

Let Me Move My all Tests to PhantomJSDriver this is the first thought that my come up in your mind after this result. And there are reason to this as well as mention below. PhantomJS is just a headless WebKit which uses JavaScript, however it uses GhostDriver to run your test cases used webdriver. And it’s in intermediate stage and you might feel bit trouble with someone the WebDriver API. It’s a Webdriver wire protocol in simple javascript for PhantomJS. the hell ??? ohh. let me make it more simple. GhostDriver is not but some kind of communicator between your Webdriver Bidning and PhantomJS. PhantomJS comes with the GhostDriver inbuilt, however it’s available separately as well.


The Importance of Barbecue Recipes

By Christopher M Hayes on December 04, 2012 0

When it comes to organizing a barbecue for friends and family, the most important factor that comes into play is not the quantity but the quality of food served. Quite often, most people make the mistake of resorting to slipshod methods when they host a cookout. They will typically grill up some burgers or a few steaks and serve them out with beer and gloat over the fact that they have pulled off a quick and easy barbecue meal. Although this might seem like the perfect solution for the average slacker, your guests most certainly will not appreciate it. This is where the concept of barbecue recipes comes in.

One of the biggest advantages of using barbecue recipes is that you can be rest assured that the meal will satiate your guests immensely. Friends and family will lick their lips in awe as they savor the sumptuous meal served out in front of them. Chances are that if you invited your boss over, you could end up getting a promotion because of the enticing spread.

You might have noticed that at most barbecues, it is usually the men that do the cooking. Because it is virtually effortless to grill a chicken leg, smother it with some sauce and serve it out. This is a recipe for disaster however, as chicken legs are one of the major causes of food poisoning when they are not cooked adequately. Even the most inane instructions such as cutting the fat around the edges of steaks are conveniently ignored. This often leads to the meat curling up and tasting awkward. Following a well planned out barbecue recipe is the best way to avoid these hitches.

The recipe behind a particular item is as integral as the actual preparation itself. Following the recipe to the letter would prevent your guests from contracting food poisoning as a result of undercooked food. For instance, if the recipe says that you should grill the meat at a particular temperature, then by all means do so. When undercooked, the existing bacteria in the meat could cause severe health problems for your guests. If you overcook the meat, chances are that it would turn out to be too dry and tasteless. Simply, follow the instructions stated in the recipe and use a meat thermometer to gauge the correct temperature.

As you obviously know, no barbecue is complete without a delicious hot sauce to accompany it. If your guests are accustomed to eating store bought sauces, they will instantly know from the taste and your barbecue would lose its novelty. Hence, the ideal thing to do to impress your guests would be to make your own. This can only be possible with a proper barbecue sauce recipe unless you are an expert of course.

After reading this article, you probably have no doubt in your mind about how invaluable a barbecue recipe can be. So, go ahead and stock up on some befitting barbecue recipes for your next cookout and floor your guests with some world-class food. I first learned about cooking from each of my grandmothers who had taught me the ins and outs of cooking. Come join us to view more Barbecue Recipes or just come vist us at uFOODz for thousands of free recipes.

Simple Apple Tart Recipe | eHow

Hi, I’m Chef Jordan, and I’m going to show you how to make some easy desserts. In this clip, I’m going to show you how to make one of my personal favorite desserts called tart tatin. The tools you’ll need for this job are a knife, a cutting board, a vegetable peeler, and some kind of pie pan, whether it’s glass or metal. The ingredients in this dish couldn’t be more simple. All you need is some apples about four of them I prefer red delicious, or Granny Smith, cause’ they really tend to hold up in baking, some sugar, and some puff pastry, which you can find in your freezer aisle in most grocery stores. Now to start, I’m going to take my apples, peel them keeping the shape of the apple, great. Cut it in half, so into quarters, then cut each of those halves in half. And then you can just take this piece, and just take your knife, and on an angle, and cut out that piece of core and that should do. What I’m going to do is just take a little bit of water, pour some in my pan. Going to add the sugar, and then I’m going to bring this over to the stove, put it on the burner, and lightly caramelize my sugar. The sugar is dissolved, and as the water starts to evaporate, the sugar will start to cook, thicken and eventually caramelize, which is how you get a nice caramel. And for this pan I used about a quarter of a cup of sugar, just about enough to coat the bottom of the pan. You can see the bubbles are really starting to get big, and there’s a golden hue starting with the caramel. All right, beautiful I’ve got a nice rich golden brown caramel, and now I’m going to start arranging my apples. And now how I’m going to do that is just start on the outside placing the round side down in towards the middle, and just go around in kind of a flower pattern. Beautiful, and now look how pretty that looks already, and it’s not even done. And I’m just going to take my knife, and using the backside, just press right against the edge to make a flush seal. One more corner now I’m just going to put this in a four hundred degree oven for about twenty-five to thirty minutes until the top is all golden brown. I can smell it the apple’s cooked, the caramel, the pie dough, the puff pastry dough it’s all delicious, so I’m going to take a peek check in the oven, and it looks gorgeous. Look at that, the dough is all flaky and golden brown, I can smell the apples, let’s give it a peek. I’m going to put this plate, flip it upside down on top of my dish, and is now for the tricky part, cross my fingers. I’m going to slide this over, put a nice dry towel underneath, line it up, and count to three and cross my fingers one, two, three. See all the caramel infused with the apples you got a nice crispy shell, and the only thing that makes this a little better would be a little vanilla ice cream.

Prairie Scraps Freezer Cooking for a Larger Family

Please check out her wonderful blog over at A Vision to Remember . With five kids that are all big eaters and only one picky eater Mr. Right I never felt that I could do the Freezer Cooking. I didn’t want to freezer cook and have a plan, though.

Years ago, I had tried Once-A-Month cooking, but my husband told me I could never do it again! I went to an Amish Auction and got 45 pounds of Asparagus between the two of us! Asparagus Potato Fritata from “Fix, Freeze, Feast” by Kati Neville and Lindsay Tkacsik and I froze six of the fritata s, praying that my family would eat them. I decided that I needed to figure out my own version of Freezer Cooking. Here are the things that I learned about freezer cooking for a larger family:

Cook up as many meals as you have time and food for. I will cook 2-3 recipes of 2-4 meals each for a total of 4-8 extra meals. I inventory my meals when I sit down to plan the next month’s menus. I make three meals for 4-6 servings, but split it into 2 bags, it is a good size.

Tell the family they are your taste-testers for the first time on a recipe.

Mark your recipes with exactly how you multiplied it, divided it, and weather you liked it. “don’t like” but I write things like make 2 meals, or child doesn’t like, etc.

I wanted to share my version of Tater Tot Casserole for the Freezer.
Freezer Tater Tot Casserole

Makes 2 freezer meals with 6-8 servings each. Ingredients: 3 lb. ground turkey or beef 5 cans green beans, drained 2 cans cream of mushroom soup 2 cans cream of chicken soup 2 cans evaporated milk 2 Gallon bags

Day of cooking: 2 2lb. Mix 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, 1 can cream of chicken soup and 1 can of evaporated milk.

This recipe only takes a few minutes to prepare for in the freezer and then get into the oven. Please stop by and check out the rest of the scraps of my life over at Prairie Scraps.

Home Sweet Quilting Home Juki Exceed F600 and a dilemma

Well, after much research actually and many, many hours reading reviews, searching online, I decided on a Juki Exceed F600 for my new and much needed sewing machine. I phoned around and visited several sewing machine stores and no one in my local area carried the Juki. I spent a couple of hours with a sales woman and finally made the decision to purchase one. I was unable to un-box or set it up until two days later, so you can imagine how excited I was to set her up! The Exceed comes with an extension table and the box it was in had been obvious re-taped. I should pay retail for a ‘used’ machine, yet now, I am having to prove what I am saying is true. I had intended to post a glowing report about this shop, since I was sure I was going to be jumping with joy over my new Juki, but because of this dispute I cannot, in good conscience, recommend this store. I have been promised it is an easy fix, that can be done over the phone. I have yet to receive the call from the service person, so I can fix it.

Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Webdriver Selenium Basics Part 1

It is not advantageous to automate test cases. There are times when manual testing may be more appropriate. However, automation has specific advantages for improving the long-term efficiency of a software team testing processes. Test automation supports:

Frequent regression testing
Rapid feedback to developers during the development process
Virtually unlimited iterations of test case execution
Customized reporting of application defects
Support for Agile and eXtreme development methodologies
Disciplined documentation of test cases
Finding defects missed by manual testing
Introducing Selenium Selenium is a robust set of tools that supports rapid development of test automation for web-based applications. Selenium provides a rich set of testing functions specifically geared to the needs of testing of a web application. These operations are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating UI elements and comparing expected test results against actual application behavior. One of Selenium key features is the support for executing one tests on multiple browser platforms. Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms. Selenium…runs in many browsers and operating systems. Can be controlled by many programming languages and testing frameworks. Selenium Components Selenium is composed of three major tools. Each one has a specific role in aiding the development of web application test automation. Selenium-IDE Selenium-IDE is the Integrated Development Environment for building Selenium test cases. It operates as a Firefox add-on and provides an easy-to-use interface for developing and running individual test cases or entire test suites. Selenium-IDE has a recording feature, which will keep account of user actions as they are performed and store them as a reusable script to play back. It also has a context menu integrated with the Firefox browser, which allows the user to pick from a list of assertions and verifications for the selected location. Selenium-IDE also offers full editing of test cases for more precision and control. Although Selenium-IDE is a Firefox only add-on, tests created in it can also be run against other browsers by using Selenium-RC and specifying the name of the test suite on the command line. Selenium-RC Control Selenium-RC allows the test automation developer to use a programming language for maximum flexibility and extensibility in developing test logic. For instance, if the application under test returns a result set, and if the automated test program needs to run tests on each element in the result set, the programming language iteration support can be used to iterate through the result set, calling Selenium commands to run tests on each item. Selenium-RC provides an API Programming Interface and library for each of its supported languages: HTML, Java, C Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby. This ability to use Selenium-RC with a high-level programming language to develop test cases also allows the automated testing to be integrated with a project automated build environment. Selenium-Grid Selenium-Grid allows the Selenium-RC solution to scale for large test suites or test suites that must be run in multiple environments. With Selenium-Grid, multiple instances of Selenium-RC are running on various operating system and browser configurations Each of these when launching register with a hub. When tests are sent to the hub they are then redirected to an available Selenium-RC, which will launch the browser and run the test. This allows for running tests in parallel, with the entire test suite theoretically taking only as long to run as the longest individual test.

PROOF Centre

The PROOF of Organ Failure Centre is a not-for-profit organization that develops and implements blood-based biomarker tests to better manage patients with heart, lung and kidney failure and prevent disease progression.

Health Briefs TV is a unique program featuring the best in the health and medical fields. It takes an inside look at the businesses and people who work to make life better for everyone. The show covers topics from alternative options in healthcare to innovative treatments for the prevention and management of the diseases affecting most people today.

Two BC researchers have combined forces to develop blood test that will identify patients at high risk for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease lung attacks. This much needed test will help medical professionals provide better treatment and ultimately lead to patients with fewer attacks, and reduced hospitalization and emergency visits.

Drs Don Sin and Raymond Ng hope to have the blood test ready to identify patients at high risk for attacks’, as well as be able to differentiate these attacks from other conditions. Ultimately, their goal is to ensure that patients who need preventative drugs will receive them, resulting in fewer attacks and significantly reducing the burden on the health care system. At the same time, patients at low risk of an attack will be able to avoid unnecessary drugs and their potential side effects.

The research project, entitled Clinical Implementation and Outcomes Evaluation of Blood-Based Biomarkers for COPD Management is funded by Genome BC, Genome Canada, the PROOF Centre of Excellence , the St.

The PROOF Centre of Excellence team reflects on success in the context of work and life.

On any given day, you’ll find PROOF Centre staff and scientists scattered across the lower mainland, and busy working either at St. But on a recent and typically cloudy October afternoon, PROOF team members in Vancouver converged upon Cavino to mingle and reconnect.

With the team gathered togther, PROOF Centre’s CEO Dr. Bruce McManus , and COO Janet Wilson-McManus talked about the journey of taking a project, like the blood test for heart failure rejection, from concept to clinic, and they invited others to share their stories of success.

Breanne Crouch shared a story about stepping out of her own comfort zone of working in transplant research to working in a new arena of research, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease with a new population of patients. The program is underway with a successful start to patient enrollment.

Others in the PROOF team shared life successes, like relocating to a different country George Mak getting engaged to be married Shannon and becoming a tenured faculty

Success and failure are sometimes too goal-oriented,” reflected Dr. Instead of we should also think about The two terms are not identical sometimes having success does not mean satisfaction, and vice versa. Instead of we should also think about “regret”. Having failures does not mean that we have regret and sometimes people build their success on others’ regret. “Whether we’re talking about biomarkers or life, we start with a goal in mind. For Chen, success means being able to re-evaluate direction with each new learning, without being tied to the original intended goal. Gaby Cohen Freue says that the journey to success requires passion, patience and persistence to get through the bumpy patches. McManus used the analogy of President Abraham Lincoln, who was rejected time and again during his political career before eventually becoming one of the most-revered American presidents in history.

PROOF eyes success satisfaction, with no regrets as a team

With the heart failure program set to begin clinical validation, the COPD program in the midst of enrolling patients, and the announcement of a new collaboration to discover biomarkers of muscular dystrophy , it’s easy to forget that the road has been anything but smooth for the organization.

There’s something special about being here, particularly in the St. Paul’s environment,” observed Roxanne Rousseau, who spends most of her time at VGH.

Perhaps the secret that will carry PROOF through the coming months and years is the feeling of belonging to a team that cares.

The Council of Canadian Academies in collaboration with the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences recently released a new expert panel report, entitled The Health Effects of Conducted Energy Weapons . Bruce McManus was part of a 14-member panel of distinguished multidisciplinary experts chaired by the Honourable Justice Stephen T. Expert Panel was asked to consider the state of knowledge about the medical and physiological impacts of conducted energy weapons guns

PROOF Centre and MRM Proteomics Collaborate with the Jain Foundation to Identify Blood-Based Biomarkers of LGMD2B Muscular Dystrophy

Vancouver, BC and Seattle, WA 16, 2013 The Centre of Excellence for the Prevention of Organ Failure Centre and MRM Proteomics Inc. will use their biomarker expertise in collaboration with the Jain Foundation, Inc. to identify blood-based biomarkers of disease in individuals with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, called Limb?girdle muscular dystrophy 2B or Miyoshi Myopathy Since no effective treatment exists for LGMD2B MM, this study is an essential step towards developing therapies for patients living with these debilitating muscle diseases.

The Jain Foundation chose to collaborate with MRM Proteomics and the PROOF Centre because of their excellent track record of discovering molecular biomarkers in blood and developing them into tests that aid in the diagnosis and treatment of other diseases.

The Jain Foundation was impressed by the success PROOF Centre has had in moving biomarker programs from concept to the clinic, particularly with their recent clinical progress in finding a biomarker for rejection of a transplanted heart. Plavi MIttal, President and CEO, Jain Foundation

The study will compare blood samples from individuals with LGMD2B with samples from healthy, age and gender-matched controls. Differences in proteins and nucleic acids in the blood that reflect differences in muscle function will be tested and validated as possible biomarkers. These biomarkers will then be used to help track disease progression and the efficacy of potential treatments in future clinical trials.

About the Proof Centre of Excellence The Centre of Excellence for the Prevention of Organ Failure Centre develops blood tests to diagnose, treat and manage heart, lung and kidney disease. The PROOF Centre is a cross-disciplinary engine of partners representing academia, health care, government, industry, patients and the public, to improve heart, lung and kidney health and reduce the enormous socioeconomic burden of organ disease. The centre’s service arm provides expertise in computation, “-omic” science and biomarker workflow to organizations seeking to discover, develop and implement blood-based molecular biomarkers in a clinical setting. The PROOF Centre is a not-for-profit society initially established from the Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat under the Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research CECR Program, and is co-hosted by the University of British Columbia and Providence Health Care in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

MRM Proteomics Inc. is a leader in providing advanced mass spectrometry based quantitative proteomics services and reagents to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and diagnostics industries in key areas such as biomarker discovery and clinical diagnostics development.

The Jain Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to identify a cure or therapies for LGMD2B The foundation is privately funded and does not solicit funding from patients or other sources. The foundation’s activities include providing financial support to scientific researchers, identifying promising drug candidates, funding clinical trials and studies, educating patients and helping patients obtain genetic diagnoses.

Biomarkers market worth $40.8 billion by 2018

According to a recent report by market research and consulting firm MarketsandMarkets , the global Biomarkers Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18.5 from 2013 to 2018, to reach $40.8 billion by 2018.

A number of factors such as the rising demand for personalized medicine and companion diagnostics have increased the utility of Biomarkers in the healthcare sector.

Omics technology including, proteomics, genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics, is the largest segment contributing to the growth of this market.

The PROOF Centre of Excellence Partners With HTG Molecular Diagnostics to Begin Clinical Validation of Heart Transplant Rejection Blood Test

Vancouver, BC 25, 2013 Centre of Excellence for the Prevention of Organ Failure Centre and HTG Molecular Diagnostics are collaborating to begin clinical validation of a biomarker blood test that will provide early indication of organ rejection in heart transplant patients. The first clinical validation study of this kind in Canada, the blood test will allow doctors to better monitor and treat patients post-transplant.

HTG Molecular Diagnostics, a privately held, Tucson-based provider of molecular-technology solutions, will implement its proprietary HTG Edge System in the clinical laboratory of St. Paul’s Hospital, Providence Health Care, in Vancouver to begin validation studies of a molecular biomarker test developed by the PROOF Centre, a not-for-profit organization focused on developing blood tests for improved health.

Transplant patients are at greatest risk of organ rejection during the first three months post-surgery,” said Dr. Andy Ignaszewski, Head of Providence Health Care Division of Cardiology and Medical Director of the St.

The award-winning HTG Edge System is the only automated RNA analysis platform that delivers extraction-free, multiplexed results on a multitude of biological samples blood, serum, cells in 24 hours. The fully automated platform enables the analysis of as many as 47 different genes from minimal specimen volume with walk-away simplicity, eliminating the tedious extraction, amplification and labeling steps normally associated with RT-PCR.

The development of this blood test was driven by demand from patients who typically have to undergo at least 12 invasive biopsies per year in the first year post-transplant,” says Dr. “Currently, there is no globally accepted, affordable blood test available for monitoring heart transplant patients. The marriage of HTG Edge RNA analysis platform and PROOF Centre’s meticulous research will provide a testing mechanism to replace technology now available only at specialty laboratories.

While the blood test is being validated in the clinical laboratory setting, the PROOF Centre will also work with HTG Molecular Diagnostics to prepare for its regulatory approval in North America.

The clinical availability of HTG Molecular Diagnostics’ highly specific, extraction-free RNA analysis performed on blood will enable post-transplant monitoring with greater precision and turnaround time leading to superior patient management. In addition, avoiding invasive biopsies has the potential to improve patient outcomes” states Vijay Modur, M. HTG Molecular Diagnostics’ Vice President of Translational Science and Chief Medical Officer.

Funders of the clinical validation portion of the project include the PROOF Centre, Genome British Columbia, Provincial Health Services Authority, Providence Health Care Research Institute, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute, and the Transplant Research Foundation of BC.

About the Proof Centre of Excellence The Centre of Excellence for the Prevention of Organ Failure Centre develops blood tests to diagnose and better treat and manage heart, lung and kidney disease. The PROOF Centre is a cross-disciplinary engine of partners representing academia, health care, government, industry, patients and the public, focused on improving health and reducing the enormous socioeconomic burden of heart, lung and kidney disease. A not-for-profit society established in March 2008 by competitive funding from the Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat under the Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research CECR Program, the PROOF Centre is co-hosted by the University of British Columbia and Providence Health Care in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

About HTG Molecular Diagnostics HTG Molecular Diagnostics is a privately held, Tucson-based company providing products for gene expression profiling, miRNA, and mRNA measurement for clinical research, companion diagnostic and prognostic applications in oncology. Additional information is available at .

Taming Serpents and Pachyderms

October 2013 Joe Abbate 16 Comments

In a comment to my previous post , David Fetter challenged me to “find a case for multisets. My response was that I couldn’t help him because multisets bags are not part of the relational model was the point of my post and asked David to show me an example of a multiset he’s stuck with so that we could discuss it.

While waiting for his response, I read an article titled “Toil and Trouble” by Chris Date, which was originally published in Database Programming and Design , January 1994 1 , where he tackled the issue of duplicate rows and multisets. Chris opened by stating that duplicates “are, and always were, a mistake in SQL” nearly 20 years later the mistake has not been corrected

In the article, Date makes a number of points against duplicates and multisets but perhaps two of the best are the following:

When considering the collection 6, 6, 8, 8, 8, 11 versus the set 6, 8, 11 we have to distinguish between the two 6’s by saying “the first 6? Date then points out that “we have now introduced a totally new concept, one that is quite deliberately omitted from the relational model: positional addressing .

In response to a claim by David Beech that “mathematicians deal with such collections, called multisets or bags ” and therefore that a model with duplicate rows is at least mathematically respectable, Date says:

“ all of the mathematical theory’ treatments I’ve seen start off by assuming that there is a way to count duplicates!

I believe that as programmers it becomes second nature to deal with duplicate items in lists and sequences. Since it is so easy to code a loop to visit each item in turn and apply some processing Python you can even use built-ins or functions from itertools, that we frown on a system that, at least in theory, insists on removing duplicates and dealing only with proper sets. However, we should realize that the theory, as Date says, is practical: by keeping the duplicates we lose, for example, the benefits of relational normal forms and certain optimization techniques.

In closing, Date presents the following parts and shipments database:

P pno ? pname SP ? pno ?????????????? I thought it would be instructive to run them against Postgres 9.3, so here they are. And as he further states, those are not all the possible formulations.

SELECT pno FROM p NATURAL JOIN sp WHERE sno ‘S1’ OR pname ‘Screw’ and the result is yet again different P1 parts and 1 P2

The bottom line is to be very, very careful when dealing with multisets in SQL.

QTP Tutorials Interview Questions How to completely test a website?

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How to completely test a website?
Website Testing Checklist If you want to test a website for usability or for functionality , if you are testing a website for speed , security or accessibility or if you are involved with load or performance testing of websites or testing websites on different browsers , then these below resources related to website testing will be of great help to you. Below post emphasizes the importance of checking your work and testing the website throughout every phase of its development and long-term maintenance. There are checklists to help you test your designs, content, and markup procedures for cross-browser, cross-platform testing and discussions on testing labels, functionality, security, accessibility, and usability. Below is a checklist of things to run through before going public with your web-site. Most of them are things which seem to have been overlooked by large numbers of web developers. This below document provides information about testing your Website for usability, accessibility, credibility, and search engine readiness. So you’ve got a website, but do you know whether it’s usable or not? The answer to this question can make the difference between a successful site and one that’s just ignored. Go through this below checklist to make sure your site is up to snuff. Test Your Website: A 57-Point Checklist for Maximum Usability 5. Below website usability checklist highlights five important components of a usable Website like: How to design a clear and simple navigation system, How to Keep the content clear and simple etc. You will need to extensively test the website to ensure that visitors have a comfortable stay and don’t leave your site in a jiffy. Below link lists some useful tools to help you completely check your website. If you want to have the same experience over multiple browsers and different machines then testing your website is vital. Below article gathers some of the most important tools that you can use in testing your website against various errors CSS Errors, HTML Errors, Cross-browsing Errors etc. 15 tools for testing your website 8. From a large amount of research, this paper presents best practices for website testing. This below paper analyzes the website architectural factors, test automation requirements, dynamic validation and testing system characteristics with example uses. This below paper offers an alternative to the typical automated test scripting method of “record and playback now and enhance the automation environment later”. It explores a regression automation system design for testing Internet applications through the GUI, along with scripting techniques to enhance the scalability and flexibility of an automated test suite. This paper will present a basic structure for an automated test environment, and will expand on each of the items found in that structure. Web testing levels will be laid out, along with a basic approach to designing test scripts based on those web-testing levels.

The Code Captain Implementing IF..ELSE.. condition in Selenium IDE using Flow Control AddOn

Here I am going to discuss about on how to implement if else condition in selenium IDE.We can’t implement the IF ELSE condition using core selenium IDE. To implement IF ELSE logic, you have to install Firefox “Flow Control” Add On. So, please install the “Flow Control” Add On using below URL. Now, Flow Control commands available in the selenium IDE. Here are the commands: COMMAND TARGET gotoif CONDITION label LABELNAME gotolabel LABELNAME Here is the example that i have used:

From the above screenshot, first i am checking whether text select” present in the page using “storeTextPresent” and assign the result to variable “POPUP_EXISTS”. Then i am checking whether result is “false” or not. if the result is “false”, then skip the next statement and move the execution to “target1” Selenium IDE using Flow Control Add-On Here I am going to discuss about on how to implement if else condition in selenium IDE.

Performance difference between EXEC and sp_executesql I presumed that you already know about the execution plan. Sometimes we may come to situation to use Dynamic SQL instead of direct T-SQL. Here I am going to discuss about how to cache the sql parameters. FileUpload Control using jQuery Here i am going to discuss about on how to clear the file upload control using jQuery.

Modal and Modalless Popup Window Using jQuery and Thickbox in ASP. Part II In Part I , i have explained how to open image and ASPX page as popup in parent page itself.

Modal and Modalless Popup Window Using jQuery and Thickbox in ASP. Part I Here I am going to explain on how to open the popwindow using jQuery and Thickbox.

SCRUM Development Process – Agile Project Management Here we are going to discuss about Agile Project Management with SCRUM. Framework – PLINQ Microsoft released the CTP version of Parallel Extensions to the .

Handling Database NULL in .Net while using SqlParameter If you want to set the NULL for database column while inserting or updating, normal